BWI at the Accélérateur de solutions-climat in Cannes

Read more about BWI’s participation in the third edition of the event Accélérateur de solutions-climat in Cannes, France.

Head of Programs, Olivier Chazal at the Accélérateur de solutions-climat

BWI had the honour of being selected as one of the twenty innovative French start-ups and SMEs at the Accélérateur de solutions-climat (Climate Solutions Accelerator) in Cannes, France. Represented by its Head of Programs, Olivier Chazal, BWI introduced its hydrological services as one of the innovative solutions for tackling challenges induced by climate change.

After two successful editions organised by l’Agglomération Cannes Lérins, the third edition of the event took place on June 6, 2024. It targeted local authorities and major corporations seeking to implement the presented solutions to a wide array of issues related to climate change. Sustainable transport, agriculture and food, moderating the digital footprint, circular economy, and preserving the Mediterranean were some of the many themes under which the chosen start-ups and SMEs applied to pariticipate in the spring of 2024.

BWI’s proposed solution was among them, and we were more than pleased to have been chosen to join the inspiring speakers and pitch our basin digitisation solution in Cannes. Almost instantaneous data on river discharge or water levels not only provides improved understanding of natural ecosystems but BWI’s river discharge prediction leading up to 10 days also improves the ability to anticipate water-related crises. Our solution can, therefore, be of great use for regions suffering from unevenly distributed water resources, such as the Mediterranean.

The city of Cannes is demonstrating that it is possible to respond to climate challenges through positive action, innovation, and investment, even through initiatives such as l’Agglomération Cannes Lérins. We were honoured to have contributed by presenting BWI’s solution for managing finite continental water resources and showcased our response to climate challenges with a solution that can be applied locally, nationally as well as internationally. Thank you for supporting us in bringing BWI’s ideas to fruition, which also stand as one of the twenty solutions contributing to a healthier ecosystem.


Gratitude and Acknowledgments

We extend our thanks to Norbert Barré and David Lisnard. We also thank the event sponsors ADEME, SUEZ, EDF, GRDF, Capenergies, Connect by CNES, Communauté d’Agglomération Cannes Lérins, and the Ville de Cannes, for giving us the opportunity to participate at the Accélérateur de solutions-climat 2024.