BWI at Les Assises du Newspace 2023: Harnessing the Power of Space Technology for Water Resource Management

BWI will be participating to the upcoming Assises du Newspace exhibit! The team is excited to meet all of you in Paris in June.

BWI is thrilled to announce its participation in Les Assises du Newspace 2023. This prestigious event brings together visionaries, innovators, and experts in the field of space technology to explore the latest advancements and opportunities in the NewSpace industry. BWI’s presence at this event underscores our commitment to leveraging space technology for effective water resource management and addressing the challenges posed by climate change.

  • Advancing Water Resource Management: As the world grapples with population growth and the increasing impact of climate change, water resources have become more critical than ever. BWI recognizes the urgent need to enhance water resource management and address challenges such as extreme hydro-climatic events, including floods, heatwaves, and droughts. Through its participation in Les Assises du Newspace, BWI aims to foster collaborations and partnerships to further develop and refine its solutions.
  • Predictive water monitoring: By integrating streamflow predictions into the operations of run-of-river hydropower operators, BWI empowers them to optimize their processes and increase revenues. Moreover, the company’s predictive flood and drought early warning systems help risk managers, municipalities, basin management authorities, and finance institutions make informed decisions to mitigate the impacts of water-related hazards. BWI also recognizes the importance of water quality monitoring in ensuring the well-being of communities and ecosystems. At Les Assises du Newspace, the company will highlight its solutions for simulating the propagation of turbidity, contaminants, and invasive plants along river networks.

BWI’s participation in Les Assises du Newspace 2023 highlights its commitment to leveraging space technology and advanced data analytics for efficient water resource management. Through its innovative solutions, including predictive modeling, flood and drought early warning systems, water quality monitoring, and the ambitious SMASH concept, BWI empowers various stakeholders to navigate the challenges posed by climate change and ensure the sustainable use of water resources. By collaborating with industry leaders, researchers, and policymakers at Les Assises du Newspace, BWI strives to drive forward the frontiers of NewSpace technology for the betterment of our planet and future generations.

Come and meet us in Paris at Station F on Wednesday, July 5th and Thursday, July 6th 2023!

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