B612: BWI’s new home in Toulouse!

BWI is excited to inform you that it’s Toulouse team has moved to B612 as part of joining the DISTRICT, an Aerospace Valley’s accelerator.

We are thrilled to let you know that BWI has been selected as part of DISTRICT, Aerospace Valley‘s innovation accelerator!

The primary focus of this accelerator is transforming the space sector, thereby hosting impactful startups that are connected to the aerospace domain in the Toulouse metropole.
Consequently, the Toulouse team has moved to it’s newest office at B612 Centre d’innovation in Toulouse, thanks to Aerospace Valley. 

Aerospace valley, through the DISTRICT accelerator, keeps encouraging collaboration and development projects. It provides a dynamic environment, facilitating numerous dynamic exchanges. Besides, it is regarded as the only global community that has players from all segments of the aerospace value chain. 

We would like to thank Aerospace Valley for selecting BWI to as part of it’s acceleration offer, and hosting us at B612, which is emerging as the nucleus of Toulouse’s aerospace startups. 

B612 has long been regarded as an ecosystem that inspires innovation and excellence: values that BWI prizes. It aims to raise the global influence of the Toulouse metropole too by creating the base that would allow advances in the aerospace and related industries.  

B612 also offers an accelerator at the core of its innovative ecosystem, supported by Toulouse Métropole and Aerospace Valley. It’s been more than 5 years that this ecosystem has been established, and it keeps thriving thanks to it’s initiatives and the organizations that it hosts.

Moreover, BWI’s Toulouse team is extremely glad to be sharing working space with other players in the aerospace industry. 

B612 Centre d’innovation