BWI at Rencontres Business Hydro 2023 in Grenoble

BWI has had the opportunity to take part in this prestigious annual event at Alpexpo, featuring a presentation by our very own head of programs, Olivier Chazal

We are glad to say that BWI has successfully taken part in the Rencontres Business Hydro organized by HYDRO 21 in Grenoble. Our team members namely: Lia Amaral, Olivier Chazal, Jules Dalsace, Aurelien Bricier, and Jeremy Fain were present at the stand to discuss the needs for digitised stations for forecasting river flows, deployable anywhere by subscription model. These stations are essential for optimized operations and balance. Besides, the margin of error is less than 10%. 

As the keynote speaker, Emmanuelle Verger-Chabot, the CEO of EDF Hydro, gave the opening speech to mark the commencement of this prestigious event. Our team members found it to be very insightful, moreover, this event also gave us room to have several enriching conversations throughout it’s duration. This time around in 2023, it’s interesting to note that the event featured over 150 exhibitors! 

For many years now, the metropolitan area of Grenoble Alpes has actively focused on tackling the issues linked to energy transition, demonstrating an active commitment to advancing renewable energy development. Besides, hydroelectricity remains an integral part of the local economy here. Therefore, it is fitting that Grenoble has hosted this exciting event.  

On this occasion, our head of programs, Olivier Chazal, had the opportunity to present BWI and discuss in detail how we contribute to maximizing hydropower production, reducing oil spills, and revenues, by providing accurate river discharge forecasts. We are really glad to note that the response, and the interactions that took place throughout the Business Hydro were very positive and enthusiastic! 

BWI would like to thank it’s partners, customers, prospects, suppliers, and service providers for the amount of enthusiasm and support shown for the translation of the idea of a virtual hydrological station into an SaaS service, being able of providing predictive data anywhere on the hydrographic network. 

Some photos from the Rencontres Business Hydro: