BWI at 2023 World Policy Conference in Abu Dhabi

More than 200 international figures from over 40 nations have participated in WPC 2023

BWI is thrilled to announce that our CEO Jeremy Fain has had the privilege to attend the prestigious World Policy Conference in UAE, alongside world leaders and key decision makers across all domains on a global level. 

These few days at the World Policy Conference were the right time to collectively reflect on the key global trends and prospects in terms of:

  • Collaborations and dialogues between North-South and East-West, encompassing both multilateral and bilateral cooperation
  • The shift towards a low-carbon economy and the continuous development of green energy
  • Ensuring food security on a global scale
  • Providing accessible freshwater for all. Acknowledging the increasing scarcity of this vital resource and coming up with potential solutions to ensure water accessibility.
  • Strategies for climate change mitigation and adaptation
  • Addressing the financial needs for infrastructure development in developing nations
  • Evaluating the impact of geopolitics on the economy, environment, and employment
  • Crafting efficient technology policies
  • Safeguarding data privacy
  • Contributing to advancements in science
  • Navigating the surge in artificial intelligence and the subsequent increased demand for semiconductors

Jeremy Fain’s presence at the World Policy Conference highlights BWI’s commitment to being at the forefront of global issues and doing our part in shaping the future of our increasingly interconnected world. We look forward to making use of the insights learned from this prestigious event to contribute to our goal of making the world a better place to live through solving hydrological challenges.