A Brief Walk Through BWI’s Inspiring Meetings in South Asia

In June 2024, BWI’s team, represented by Mohamad Hamze and Anil Khanal, engaged in pivotal international meetings across South Asia. Discover more about their insightful travels and experiences.

In June 2024,  BWI team members were busy with extensive international travel. Our product owner, Mohamad Hamze, who specialises in agriculture and irrigation remote sensing, and hydrologist Anil Khanal had the privilege of meeting with our international partners and representatives of renowned institutions whose missions closely align with BWI.


The inspiring meetings and perspective-expanding conversations Mohamad and Anil experienced were crucial for BWI. The insights of professionals backed by decades of experience in fields that serve as foundations for our innovative hydrological services will undoubtedly guide our future expansion. While we would like to provide more details on these invaluable encounters, the following paragraphs and photos offer a brief overview of Mohamad’s and Anil’s work travels across Bangladesh, Nepal and India.

Discussions with Nepal’s Honorary Minister of Communication and Information Technology, Ms. Rekha Sharma

In Nepal, Anil Khanal had the privilege and honor of meeting with Nepal’s Honorary Minister of Communication and Information Technology, Ms. Rekha Sharma.

BWI valued the opportunity to present our hydrological services and discuss their potential application across the extensive river network of Nepal. Ms. Rekha Sharma’s advice and opinions are highly appreciated by Anil and the entire BWI team.

Meeting with His Excellency, the Nepalese Ambassador to Dhaka

When in Dhaka, Anil had the honor of meeting His Excellency, the Nepalese Ambassador to Dhaka. Not only that but, he also contributed to strengthening our partnerships with our trusted Bangladeshi partners: Syedur Aftab, Bangladesh Country Director, and MD Mejbah Uddin, Bangladesh Deputy Country Director.

Enriching Interactions with the Joint Secretary of the Ministry of Food Processing Industries in India


Next, Mohamad and Anil were privileged to meet with Shri. D. Praveen, the Joint Secretary of the Ministry of Food Processing Industries in India. The intelligent conversations provided our colleagues with an opportunity to learn about water-related challenges faced by the food processing industries in India. The increasing role of technology in the water industry and its integration into all sectors in India was among the key points highlighted during these conversations. A special thank you to Sansipan Sensarma for organising this meeting and to Debabrata Dash for his companionship.

Reconnecting with BWI’s trusted partner, Puja Singh, Water Resource and Climate Change Specialist at INRM Consultants


One of BWI’s trusted partners overseas is Puja Singh, Water Resource and Climate Change Specialist at INRM Consultants in the New Delhi area. INRM Consultants has grown into a prominent research-focused company, developing innovative, customised, and economical solutions in water resources, agriculture, environment, climate change, geo-informatics, and capacity building. Founded and directed by Professor Ashvani Gosain, INRM Consultants has collaborated with international establishments, development aid agencies, federal and territorial government organisations, multinationals, and non-profits. BWI is grateful to be among its collaborators, as it enables us to tailor our services to the needs of populations in the Indian subcontinent.

Profound insights of Pyush Dogra, Senior Environmental Specialist at the World Bank


Another highlight of BWI’s international journey was meeting with Pyush Dogra, Senior Environmental Specialist at the World Bank. During their meeting, Mohamad introduced BWI’s mission and presented our hydrological services to Mr. Dogra. The discussions BWI had at the World Bank will unquestionably serve as solid guidelines for future expansion of our services in India’s major water basins, providing a comprehensive understanding of how our monitoring and prediction services could benefit local populations and their activities.

BWI’s team meets the team of Invest India


The representatives of the BWI team also had the chance to meet the team of Invest India, the national investment promotion and facilitation agency of India. BWI appreciated their openness to learn more about the functionalities of our startup. Special thanks to Ankita Sharma, Head of Europe for Invest India; Sandipan Sensarma, Senior Assistant Vice President; Amit Manohar, Assistant Vice President; as well as Nandini Singh and Dhruv Sharma.

These enriching experiences and insightful conversations in South Asia  have provided BWI with valuable perspectives that will serve as guidelines for providing our improved hydrological solutions not only in France but beyond. We look forward to continuing these profound dialogues and leveraging our partnerships to enhance BWI’s water monitoring and prediction services not just in France and the Indian subcontinent but worldwide.