Data4Water workshop was a grand success!

BWI is very glad to inform you that the latest Data4Water workshop has been a remarkable success, thanks to its enthusiastic participants.

BWI is extremely glad to announce that the Data4Water workshop was a resounding success. The workshop focused on the challenges faced by the stakeholders of the Godavari basin of India.

Data4Water is an ESA-BASS funded project undertaken by BWI to delve into the water management issues of the one of the most significant river basins in India, the Godavari. 

Throughout the workshop, we explored the complexities of water management within the Godavari basin. The primary focus was on the issue of water pumping. Thanks to the crucial feedback and active participation of the basin’s stakeholders, BWI has made significant progress in it’s goal to create a resilient decision support system to help address the problems encountered by different sectors functioning within the Godavari river basin in India. 

The BWI team has gained several insights into the intricacies of the water practices observed in the basin area because of these interactions. In addition, the stakeholders of the basin have shared interesting thoughts on their perceptions of the tool. Insights included how the tool can improve water management in the southern states.

BWI would like to thank everyone that has made this workshop successful, for their valuable inputs and participation! We extend our gratitude to Dr. Fernanda Ledo Ramos of the ESA Commercialisation Gateway. She has continuously supported us throughout this project’s journey.

Data4water workshop