Forecasting services for run-of-river hydropower plants

Riverflow predictions services to enhance hydroelectricity assets performance.

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BWI for run-of-river HPPs

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Maximize your hydroelectricity production

Automate your hydropower plant further

Incoming water flow measurements unleash further water catchment and revenues.

Detect anomalies in real-time

Early anomaly detection reduces your reaction time and prevents your electricity production from suffering evitable losses.

Quantify efficiency drifts

Detect sub-optimal energy production and trigger maintenance prior to suffering losses.

Increase revenues, prevent damages

Optimize energy trading revenues

With next-day and next-week river discharge predictions, your choice between SPOT, future contract and regulated markets is made easy.

Secure your installation before it’s too late

Mid-term water height forecasts provide you with insights on future flood events, giving you time to deploy counter-measures. Flood forecasts are now a reality!

Hedge your investment against droughts

Subscribe to our insurance contract to protect your hydroelectricity generation revenues from prolonged droughts.

Streamflow forecasts are delivered via an API

Integrate the data with your existing water monitoring systems

Integrating near real-time streamflow monitoring water data and predictions to your existing software is made as smooth as possible thanks to our well-documented API that comes with examples.

A highly reliable API

Withdraw the most up-to-date water discharge and height forecasts and monitoring information, in real-time.

BWI takes privacy and security matters seriously

The location of your virtual stations as well as your streamflow predictions are kept safe and confidential, and we make sure we implement software security best practices.

Fast and easy deployment

Subscribe online

Select your plan and get started in a matter of minutes as streamflow predictions are a mere additional sensor to plug to your HPP automation system.

Scale on-demand

Adapt the subscription to your operations, from 1 to 999 hydropower plants.

Unlimited support

Our customer success team is always here to pick up the phone and answer your questions.

Hydropower API

River discharge forecasts revolutionize hydropower

Efficient energy production 

Optimize energy production with forecasted river flows, maximizing electricity generation at times of peak demand.

Minimized infrastructure damages

Be better prepared for extreme discharge events, reducing repair costs and downtime.

Optimized water resource management 

Manage reservoir level based on discharge data, ensuring sustainable supply of water.

Increased regulatory compliance

Adapting the operations to discharge conditions, and not exceeding environmental flow regulatory thresholds.

Enhanced energy trading revenues

By utilizing our 10-day forecasts, simplify your decision-making process between SPOT, future contract, and regulated markets.

Reliable river discharge predictions


BWI specializes in the forecasting of river discharge around the globe. BWI brings together in-situ data, space-borne observations and machine learning to feed and empower hydraulic and hydrodynamical models. A provider of online subscription-based virtual continental freshwater monitoring stations, BWI aims to make scalable – across space and time, hydrological forecasts to address climate change induced water stress. This value proposition proves particularly useful to the hydropower value chain (hydropower plan operators, energy poolers, energy resellers), who reduce water spills, streamline maintenance, and derive additional profits from electricity markets.

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