HydroSpace4Senegal: BWI meets Senegal’s SAED

The meeting with SAED involved discussing the developments of the HydroSpace4Senegal project, highlighting its significance for the Senegal Valley.

BWI’s Head of Programs, Olivier Chazal met with the delegation of the Société d’Aménagement et d’Exploitation du Delta du Fleuve Sénégal (SAED) on the 26th of February 2024 to discuss the intricate details of the innovative Fasep HydroSpace4Senegal project. BWI and MEOSS are working on this prestigious project to transform the landscape of sustainable irrigation and water management in the Senegal River valley. At the focus of the Senegal Emerging plan, the project offers a novel method of detecting irrigation and water resources. How is this done? By using spatial data and predicting the flow rates of watercourses.

Throughout the course of the meeting, SAED’s delegation emphasized that this project is a priority to them. In addition, they are keen on utilizing predictive technology in order to deal with the rising water issues in Senegal. 

What is the Fasep HydroSpace4Senegal Project about?

The goal of HydroSpace4Senegal is to transform irrigational practices in the Senegal River valley by utilizing spatial data. The SAED, MEOSS, and BWI are working together in this cooperative endeavor to establish a comprehensive solution for sustainable food and agriculture by pooling their resources and skills. In addition, thanks to BWI’s hydrological and AI expertise, river discharge forecasts in the Senegal Valley will be a reality in the future! 

A Game-Changer in Agriculture and Irrigation

The project emphasizes the innovative use of spatial data for irrigation and water resource detection. The integration of AI and cutting-edge technology is all set to enhance the efficiency of agricultural practices. This is done by providing the farmers in the region with useful insights to monitor water usage. This data-driven strategy helps to raise agricultural output while simultaneously advancing sustainability. This is especially important in an area where the lack of water presents a major obstacle to the growth of agriculture.