BWI’s feature on the International Journal on Hydropower & Dams

Spotlight on BWI as our nascent collaboration with Bizbell gets a feature on an esteemed journal

We were humbled to notice that BWI’s collaboration with Nepalese hydropower investor and operator Bizbell is under the spotlight as we were featured in an article in Aqua~Media International Ltd (The International Journal on Hydropower & Dams). 

BWI would like to sincerely thank ‘The International Journal on Hydropower & Dams’, an international authority in the domain of large hydro, for taking notice of the innovative project taken in conjunction with Bizbell.

On the picture featured in the article from right to left:
– Jean-François Ambrósio, geographical coordinator Asia & South Pacific at Business France (Invest in France),
– Jeremy Fain, CEO at BWI,
– Sushil Pokharel, CEO at Bizbell Energy and Bizbell Ventures,
– Olivier Chazal, Head of Programs at BWI