Jeremy Fain’s interview on B SMART

Read more about CEO Jeremy Fain’s insightful interview on the French business TV program B SMART.

In a recent feature on B SMART, a French business TV program, Jeremy Fain, the CEO of Blue Water Intelligence (BWI), was interviewed by journalist Thomas Hugues. The program on BWI’s innovative work in the domain of water resource management delves deep into the crossroads of continental freshwater and advanced technologies. The focus was specifically on the integration of spatial data and artificial intelligence.

BWI was created out of a vision to deal with the critical challenges associated with water management. BWI understands the importance of continental freshwater and its role in sustaining life. Therefore, BWI’s goal is to revolutionize the industry by using the power of data and AI.

A key point emphasized during the interview was the seamless integration of spatial data and artificial intelligence in BWI’s operations. The company is at the forefront of digitalizing watersheds, utilizing satellite data to gather comprehensive insights. Virtual stations are a focal point for BWI’s data-driven approach.

BWI expresses its gratitude to B SMART for providing a platform to share its vision. We would especially like to thank Cyrielle Chazal and Thomas Hugues, whose thoughtful questions facilitated a thorough exploration of BWI’s innovative activities.

You can check out the full interview below:

Jeremy Fain on B Smart