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What’s currently going on at basin digitization enabler BWI? On this frequently updated newsroom page, you’ll find an overview of all our continental freshwater highlights, hydrological product announcements, participation to future and past events.
For instance, you can be assured we’ll highlight new product features, for example on how virtual stations for hydrology extend to now hydrological criteria or expand to new geographies, and make release announcements whenever possible. We also like to talk about hydrology or new space trade shows or industry gatherings we attend, conferences and networking meetups we organize such as the Apéro de l’Hydro series. We may also publish columns to disclose our opinion on issues that matter in continental hydrology, basin digitization and climate change-related events such as droughts and floods.
Last but not least, we also like to feature our business and institutional partners, and all those who make BWI possible. So, whether you’re a client, a supplier, a channel partner (integrators, resellers), a contractor, a shareholder, an industry federation, a regional cluster, or a regulator, feel free to ask your Blue Water Intelligence contact point to share your announcements here so you become visible to our community. Also, if  you would like BWI’s take on a specific topic, please let us know and we’ll most probably go in your direction if it’s about continental hydrology!


25 September 2023

BWI Takes the Stage at the Indo-French Seminar on Hydropower Development 2023

It is with immense pride and anticipation that we announce our participation in the Indo-French Seminar on Hydropower Development, scheduled for the 16th of October 2023.

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21 July 2023

BWI will be exhibiting at Rencontres Business Hydro in Grenoble, France

BWI will be an exhibitor during the next Rencontres Business Hydro in October in Grenoble, France.

#climatechange #EarthObservation #hydrology #newspace #space #water

21 July 2023

BWI joins France Digitale

BWI recently joined France Digitale program. The organization provides a bridge between entrepreneurs and venture capital investors in France, organizing events, offering mentorship programs, and advocating for public policies that foster innovation and growth within the tech industry.

#EarthObservation #hydrology #newspace #space #water

16 July 2023

Constellation of altimetric nanosatellites dedicated to continental surface water 

The concept of SMASH shows that a constellation of 10 nano-satellites with nadir altimeters on a single sun-synchronous orbit can provide a daily measure of water levels at rivers wider than 50 m and lakes larger than 100 m x 100 m. Blue Water Intelligence (BWI) plans to launch a minimum viable product of 2 satellites to validate assumptions, followed by a constellation of 10 nanosatellites – all following the SMASH concept to the letter.

#climatechange #EarthObservation #hydrology #newspace #smallsat #space #water

11 July 2023

BWI to Host the 4th Edition of ‘l’Apéro de l’Hydro’

‘L’Apéro de l’Hydro’ is an event that brings together hydrology operators to discuss recent water-related achievements and findings. The event is also the perfect occasion to grow your network in the hydrology industry.

#apérohydro #climatechange #hydrology #newspace #space #water

3 July 2023

Capgemini’s Space for Sustainability Conference

Capgemini’s Space for Sustainability Conference happened just a few weeks ago during the International Paris Air Show of June 2023. BWI’s CEO, Jeremy Fain, was invited as a panelist.

#climatechange #EarthObservation #hydrology #newspace #smallsat #space #water

3 July 2023

BWI Forms Strategic Partnership with Bizbell, a Nepalese Investor in Hydropower

We at BWI are excited to announce our strategic partnership with Bizbell Private Limited, a leading hydropower firm from Kathmandu, Nepal.

#climatechange #hydrology #nepal #newspace #partnership #space #water

28 June 2023

Throwback on the 3rd edition of l’Apéro de l’Hydro

On June 15th of 2023, BWI had the pleasure of hosting the third ‘Apéro de l’Hydro’ at Hemeria, in Toulouse. The evening was filled with vibrant discussions, inspiring ideas, and strong connections were made between participants.

#aperohydro #climatechange #EarthObservation #event #hydrology #newspace #water

31 May 2023

BWI at Res’Eau: Connecting Hydrology Operators for a Sustainable Water Future

BWI is happy to be participating to the event organized by Aqua-Valley on Friday, June 30th 2023, an event named Rés’Eau.

#climatechange #hydrology #Rés'Eau #water
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