Throwback on the 3rd edition of l’Apéro de l’Hydro

On June 15th of 2023, BWI had the pleasure of hosting the third ‘Apéro de l’Hydro’ at Hemeria, in Toulouse. The evening was filled with vibrant discussions, inspiring ideas, and strong connections were made between participants.

As we look back on the third edition of ‘Apéro de l’Hydro’, held on June 15th 2023 at Hemeria, in Toulouse, we’re filled with immense gratitude. The success of the third edition of l’Apéro de l’Hydro serves as a testament to our shared passion for hydrology, water cycle science, and environmental stewardship.

BWI wants to extend their heartfelt thanks to our knowledgeable speakers:
– Mylene HACHE from Aqua-Valley,
– Frederic Bretar from the Space for Climate Observatory at CNES,
– and Ludovic Cassan from the Institut de Mécanique des Fluides de Toulouse – IMFT.
Their invaluable keynotes added depth to the event and gave all attendees a wealth of climate-related information to consider.

The evening was buzzing with invigorating discussions about hydrology, innovative thoughts on how to create cooperations to preserve water as a vital resource, and memorable interactions between scientists, startups, corporations, students and ecosystem enablers.

As we move forward, we’re already very excited for the next Apéro de l’Hydro event. We can’t wait to create yet another engaging platform for networking in the realm of water science.

Once again, thank you for making the third edition a memorable event. We look forward to continuing this journey together, making strides in understanding, preserving, and responsibly managing our precious water resources.

For those who wanted to have a closer look at our speakers presentations, you can download them from here.

Picture from the 3rd edition of l'apéro de l'hydro
3rd edition of l’Apéro de l’Hydro