Forecasting services for basin authorities

Digitized services to forecast water levels, volumes and water quality of water bodies, and to predict river discharge.

BWI for basin authorities 

Flood and drought forecasts

Inland water forecasts for public authorities

Continuous inland water hazard monitoring

BWI brings together data from ground stations, remote sensors (satellites, precipitation radars…) and weather forecasts to compile accurate flood forecasts and drought predictions.

Combining different water modelling approaches

Physical models relying on DEMs, hydrological models and machine learning enable for the acceleration of climate change to be taken into account in BWI’s riverflow forecasts.

Forecasts and early warning

Threatened areas identification (based on water levels and river discharge) and multi-channel targeted flood early warning systems are actionable depending on risk (population and infrastructure).

Surface water monitoring

Monitoring of the quantitative state of water reserves

BWI continuously reports on current water levels and volumes of surface water bodies.

Water reserve variation predictions

Continuous predictions about the variability of your reserves: evaporation, natural refills of water reserves from rain and snowfall,…

Water quality monitoring of water reserves

BWI monitors water quality indicators such as: water temperature, turbidity, algae bloom,… and provides alerts whenever risk thresholds are met as well as simulations on the potential propagation of the pollution towards sensitive areas.

River discharge and water levels forecasts are delivered via an API

Integrate within your existing hydrographic network monitoring systems

Integrating surface water data to your existing websites and hydraulic and hydrologic information systems is made smooth thanks to BWI’s well-documented API.

Water hazards stakeholder dissemination tools

Stakeholder communication tools include automated newsletters, but also a web portal that can either be made public or kept private.

BWI takes privacy and security matters seriously

Your data is kept safe and confidential, as we make sure we implement software security best practices.

Understand the impact of climate change on the availability of water resources

Fast and easy deployment

Subscribe online

Create an account online, select your plan and start drawing value from your BWI water hazard forecasting service in a matter of minutes.

Scale on-demand

Adapt the coverage of the BWI inland water forecast tool to your needs, over time.

Unlimited support

Your named customer success manager at BWI is always here to pick up the phone and answer your questions.

Would you to like to know more about our forecast services?

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River discharge forecasts are invaluable to public authorities

Flood forecasting

Utilizing 10-day river flow forecasts to implement prevention measures, saving countless lives and property.

Enhanced safety of the public

Using river discharge forecasts, you can build resilience when it comes to flood events.

Informed land use planning 

Facilitate knowledgeable decision-making for land use planning and development in flood-prone areas, reducing risks and related costs.

Strengthened emergency response capabilities 

By integrating discharge forecasts into disaster prevention plans, you can enable optimized resource allocation.

Increased awareness

Results in efficient risk communication and coordination during flood events. Besides, it helps raise awareness when it comes to water management practices to optimize water availability.

Get river discharge and surface water level forecasts

BWI specializes in the forecasting of inland surface water reserves around the globe. BWI brings together in-situ data, spaceborne observations and machine learning to feed and empower hydrological and hydrodynamical models. A provider of online subscription-based virtual continental freshwater monitoring stations, BWI aims to make scalable – across space and time – hydrological software to address climate change induced water stress.

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