Hydrological Virtual Stations to Digitize River Basins

The Digitization of Watersheds may prove useful to a number of stakeholders for whom continental surface water matters. Basin management authorities, for example, may subscribe to BWI hydrological virtual stations services to digitize continental freshwater resource management. Also, run-of-river hydropower plant operators can subscribe to virtual stations to benefit from insightful river discharge forecasts so more value is secured from hydraulic energy. Last, beverage industry, or insurers, may locate virtual stations wherever water stress risk requires close monitoring.

How does BWI perform Basin Digitization


Data indexation

Multiple data sources

BWI collects massive amounts of data from satellites, maps, weather stations, ground radars, and many kinds of sensors.


Hydraulic & hydrological models

Automated processing

Then, BWI runs state-of-the-art hydraulic and hydrological models on these data to compile an initial set of results.


Machine learning

Refinement of model outputs

BWI also uses machine learning to fine-tune these results so the predictions take into account the recent acceleration of climate change and its consequences on the availability of water resources.


Delivery of data or predictions

API or front-end

Last, our clients choose whether they want their water-related data and forecasts (water discharge, water level, water quality…) to be delivered via an API directly to their information system, or via an online user interface.

Riverflow forecasts by BWI

Streamflow prediction services for run-of-river hydropower plants

SaaS to enhance small hydro assets performance.

Surface water forecasting services for basin authorities

Services to forecast water levels, water discharge, water quality and stakeholder early warning tools.

Water-related data for insurance, risk management and analytics

All-things-continental-freshwater API

Hydrological monitoring and forecasting for irrigation and agri-food industries

River flow forecasts to help agriculture, fishery and the food and beverage industry to preserve ecosystems by securing biological and reserved flows.

High-revisit altimetry space constellation

At least 30.000 water level measurement points updated everyday will be made available.

Balloons for water quality surveillance

BWI balloon missions, whether tethered and atmospheric or geostationary and stratospheric, are designed to address the challenges of monitoring the quality of inland waters at the scale of a watershed.

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