Hydrological forecasts for irrigation and agri-food

Comprehensive hydrological decision making system for irrigation and agri-food industries.


Optimized water monitoring system 

Real-time data and forecasts

BWI provides near real-time river discharge data and forecasts, contributing to a wide range of irrigation and food industry needs! As water is of utmost importance, having access to hydrological forecasts would lead to building water resilience. 

Optimal pumping indicator

By providing accurate and timely river flow forecasts and expert advice on optimal pumping times, we enable users to make informed decisions crucial to effective water management.

Tailored services for Agriculture and Irrigation

Our service is tailored to fulfill particular key performance indicators associated with water efficiency, crop yield, and resource utilization. Through continuous monitoring and adjustment to fluctuating hydrological conditions, users can achieve and surpass their predefined performance benchmarks.

Enhanced food security 

BWI integrates data from in-situ stations, remote sensors (satellites, precipitation radars…) and meteorological forecasts to derive accurate drought forecasts, thereby enhancing food security and resilience to natural disasters. 

Enhancing sustainability 

Understand the impact of climate change on the availability of water resources

A balanced habitat

Water pumping practices over several river basins are not well regulated. Especially over-extraction at times of low river discharge exacerbates the ecosystem’s health. BWI’s services aim to aid in creating a balanced habitat for all organisms by providing accurate hydrological forecasts leading to better water management practices.

Water replenishment

Thanks to BWI’s forecasts, at times of low river discharge, water can be replenished in order to ensure ecosystem-friendly levels. Consequently, it aids in preventing other adverse consequences related to biodiversity.

Water quality sustenance

Poor quality of water during the times of low discharge levels lead to degradation of the habitat, compromised biodiversity, and threats to the sustenance of the nearby communities. Therefore, by providing discharge forecasts, we aim to counteract this issue.

Riverflow forecasts are delivered via an API

Integrate discharge data with your existing monitoring systems

Integrating near real-time river flow monitoring data and forecasts to your existing software as streamlined as possible thanks to our well-documented API with in-built examples.

A highly reliable API

Access the latest real-time water discharge & water level forecasts and monitoring information. 

BWI prioritizes your privacy and security 

The location of your virtual stations as well as your streamflow predictions are kept safe and confidential, while adhering to the best software security practices.

Hassle-free and quick deployment 

Online subscriptions

Create your account online, select your suitable plan and start deriving value from your BWI river flow forecasting service in a matter of minutes.

Scale on-demand

Tailor the coverage of the BWI inland water monitoring tool to suit your needs, over time.

24/7 customer support 

Our customer success team is always here to help you out!

Get river discharge, surface water levels, volumes & water quality forecasts

BWI specializes in the forecasting of inland surface water reserves around the globe. BWI brings together in-situ data, spaceborne observations and machine learning to feed and empower hydrological and hydrodynamical models. A provider of online subscription-based virtual continental freshwater monitoring stations, BWI aims to make scalable – across space and time – hydrological software to address climate change induced water stress.

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