Water-centric data for insurers, risk handlers, and data analysts.     

All-things-continental-freshwater data for risk/insurance underwriters and environmental engineering professionals thanks to basin digitization.

Provide continental freshwater data when the data is needed

Integrates smoothly within your existing processes

Integrating water-related data to your existing systems or software is made as smooth as possible thanks to BWI’s well-documented API that comes with examples.

A highly reliable API

Withdraw the most up-to-date water-related data from BWI, if need be in real-time.

We take privacy and security matters seriously

At BWI, we make sure we implement information security best practices so nobody may know what kind of water-related data is of interest to you.

Bring hydrological insights to help take into account the effects of climate change

Discrete hydrological measures

3 products are available through our API: virtual stations (river discharge), near real-time (hourly) estimates, and on-demand 1-to-10-day forecasts.

River discharge forecasts at watershed level

Watershed maps are updated daily​, include full hydrologic networks ​(water bodies of width over 10 meters)​ with peak river discharge heatmaps (resolution up to 30 meters) updated monthly.

Risk index maps for parametric insurance

We’re here to help parametric insurance risk modelling with 2 OGC(*) compatible products: raster tiles (spatial resolution: 100 meters) and risk index at watershed level computed from hydrological historical data, predicted climate variability impact and land usage. (*)OGC = Open Geospatial Consortium

Broaden the scope of your GeoDataHub

Historical continental freshwater data

Historical data is available to broaden the depth of your GeoDataHub to reinforce your parametric models, or to feed your environmental, urban planning, hydraulic or climate modeling software.

Near real-time hydrological data

Near real-time freshwater data means we ship the data to you over as soon as it is available, at all levels: local, regional, national.

River discharge predictions as-a-service

Continental freshwater data and predictions are available so you may build your early warning systems and optimization processes on top of BWI’s API.

Fast and easy integration

Subscribe online

Create an account online, select your plan and start drawing value from BWI data in a matter of minutes.

Scale on-demand

Adapt your BWI water data subscription to your operations.

Unlimited support

Your named customer success manager at BWI is always here to pick up the phone and answer your questions.

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River discharge forecasts are invaluable to insurances and risk management

Minimize financial risks

Reduce financial risk by evaluating and pricing insurance policies using dependable river discharge projections, guaranteeing sufficient coverage and optimized premiums.

Expedite claim processing

Through preventive steps made possible by anticipated discharge information, expedite the processing of claims and lower losses while improving customer satisfaction and retention.

Improve underwriting accuracy

Forecasted flood data can be added to risk assessment models to improve underwriting accuracy while optimizing portfolio management and profitability.

Enhance reinsurance strategies

Enhance reinsurance strategies by transferring risk and arranging affordable coverage through the use of discharge estimates to evaluate vulnerability to flood-related losses.

Aids the development of parametric insurance

BWI offers support for parametric insurance through risk index maps derived from historical hydrological data, predictions of climate variability impacts, and land usage assessments.

Reliable river discharge forecasts

A provider of basin digitization solutions, BWI specializes in the forecasting of inland surface water around the globe. BWI brings together in-situ data, spaceborne observations and machine learning to feed and empower hydrological and hydrodynamical models. A provider of subscription-based virtual continental freshwater monitoring stations, BWI aims to make scalable – across space and time – hydrological software to address climate change induced water stress.

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