BWI digitizes basins

BWI, which stands for Blue Water Intelligence, is a hydrology startup company established in June 2022 in Toulouse, France. BWI specializes in the monitoring of continental surface water reserves, and forecasting of inland water quality, levels, volumes and river discharge around the globe. Our 3-word pitch is ‘We Digitize Basins’.

Basin digitization is what we do

Continental freshwater data & insights


of the Earth’s water is fresh. Together, let’s take good care of this scarce and yet vital resource.

A State-of-the-Art approach to predicting streamflow, water levels and water quality

BWI brings together in-situ data, spaceborne observations and machine learning to feed and empower hydrological and hydrodynamical models.

A provider of online subscription-based services, BWI aims to make scalable – across space and time – hydrological data to address climate change induced water stress.

Help governments and companies adapt to climate change

Improvements in the forecasting of water resource availability, water quality, floods, and droughts both at local and regional scales will help local authorities and businesses build climate resilience, as well as contribute to enabling scientists to better understand the water cycle.

At BWI, we also want to accelerate the transition to a low carbon society by enabling low carbon industries, such as, for instance, hydropower electricity generation or inland water transportation, to grow at maximum speed.

Virtual stations to help our clients digitize basins

Run-of-river hydropower operators

Forecast river discharge and water levels accurately

BWI enables run-of-river hydropower operators to increase revenues by making possible the integration of streamflow predictions in their business processes. BWI is capable of accurately predicting future river discharge and deliver this valuable data to hydropower operators through an API.
Public authorities & institutions

Predict water hazards and provide water-related monitoring (quality, streamflow, levels, volumes)

BWI builds predictive flood and drought early warning systems for risk managers, municipalities, basin management authorities and international finance institutions. BWI also provides predictive water quality monitoring solutions. To simulate the propagation of turbidity, contaminants and invasive plants along river networks.
Science and risk portfolio managers

Data on water levels, updated daily, from a low-orbit hydrological constellation of nanosatellites

BWI is working on making the SMASH concept (Small Altimetry Satellites for Hydrology), bord at research center LEGOS and designed at CNES (Phase A completed), a reality to cover the globe with continental surface water level measurement points updated on a daily basis. 30.000 comparable inland water height data points updated daily would be tremendous material for scientists, NGOs, governments, basin authorities as well as for global corporations such as insurance and industry.

The people who form the Blue team

Philippe Gautier (FR)

Chairman of the Board

Jeremy Fain (FR)

Chief Executive Officer

Amandine Delom (FR)


Morgane Carra (FR)

Human Resources

Piotr Stępnicki (PL)

Chief Technology Officer

Olivier Chazal (FR)

Head of Programs

Aurélien Bricier (FR)

Product Owner

Sundar Amancharla (IN)

Senior Software Engineer

Anil Khanal (NP)


Lia Amaral (BR)


Mathieu Arthaud (FR)

Software Engineer

Audrey Gabbay (FR)

Software Engineer

Thibault Plouviez (FR)

Junior DevOps and SysAdmin

Jules Dalsace (FR)

Junior Data Scientist

Neil Bissaud (FR)

Junior Communications Manager

Jean-Baptiste Babinet (FR)

Switzerland country manager

Didier Alary (FR)

Spatial systems technical advisor

Henri Jacquet-Francillon (FR)

Hydropower technical advisor

+ 10 open full-time positions (remote, Toulouse, Paris)

+ 10 open full-time positions (remote, Toulouse, Paris)

We’re featuring here our most pressing open position: Senior Back-End Software Engineer


Why join BWI?

BWI is an impact startup on a mission to use data and machine learning to provide governments and companies with basin digitization services to help better adapt to the impact of climate change on the availability of water resources.

What are we expecting you to do at BWI?

Basically, the skills you need to be successful in your missions at BWI are the following:

0/ Core skills: Python software development

  • Writing clean, high-quality, high-performance, maintainable code using automated unit testing
  • Expertise in Object Oriented Design, Database Design, and Micro-service Schema
  • Experience with: postgresql, fastAPI, Spark
  • Support test and deployment of new products and features
  • Participate in code reviews

Then, you will necessarily be proficient in at least 1 of these 3 areas:

1/ Mathematics / Machine Learning / Data science

  • ML, in particular time series forecasting and computer vision
  • Numerical simulations (ODEs, PDEs)
  • Mathematical modelling (optimization problems)

2/ Geographic information systems

  • Understanding of GIS concepts
  • GeoPandas/rasterio/shapely/fiona

3/ Cloud computing administration – DevOps

  • S3
  • Terraform
  • Docker
  • Kubernetes

Your qualifications

  • A Bachelor’s degree in computer science, mathematics or physics (or related field) would be a plus
  • At least 4 years of relevant work experience
  • Knowledge of hydrology a plus
  • Prior experience with Earth Observation imagery and remote sensing data a plus
  • A professional command of English is a prerequisite, and French is not mandatory as our working language is English



  • Environment
  • Software
  • Space


Employment Type

Full-time, preferably located in Toulouse (France) or Paris (France), but we’re open to full remote.

Hiring process

The typical hiring process comprises 3 interviews and will last 2 weeks.

  • The process always starts with a technical interview for 1 hour and 30 minutes.
  • Then, there’s an interview about the role, the project, the team, for about an hour.
  • And last, there’s a last interview during which we’ll be making an offer to you.

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BWI technical partners

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