BWI at IIT Delhi!

BWI has had the unique opportunity to interact with the associate dean of IIT Delhi.

BWI CEO Jeremy Fain, and head of programs, Olivier Chazal, had the opportunity to meet Professor Dhanya C T, Associate Dean of Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi, and Hydro-climatic eXtremes Research Group (HydroX) team leader. As we already know, IITs have a great reputation in all of Asia, therefore this interaction has been very insightful not only in terms of hydrological research but also culturally. Located in the capital city of India, IIT Delhi takes a prestigious place in the heart of Engineering institutions of the subcontinent. 

IITs are a network of engineering/technology academic institutions spread all across India. Known to be highly selective, they offer programs in a variety of domains including Computer Science, Mechanical Engineering, Electronics, and several others research subjects. Special attention is given to Research and Development which is of prime importance in connection to the development of technology and innovation in India. 

We are excited about advancing the development of a stronger connection between India and France, whether through contributions or the establishment of collaborative research groups spanning both continents. This endeavor aims to foster a more in-depth comprehension of the water cycle, as well as insights into flood and drought events. 

As BWI embarks on this exciting journey of collaborative research, the main vision is to contribute not only to research advancements but also to the advancement of cultural ties between India and France. This step signifies the power of international collaboration in dealing with global challenges, ultimately leading to a more resilient and sustainable future.