BWI becomes a member of the Scaleway Startup Program

We’re happy to disclose that we have become members of the Scaleway Startup Program.

Scaleway is the IT infrastructure provider we at BWI have chosen to work with to host our services.

Scaleway ticked many of the boxes we had defined as our criteria to proceed:
– a European sovereign infrastructure (datacenter locations in Paris, Amsterdam and Warsaw),
– mature operations (the company has been operating since 1999 and counts 25,000 businesses, including many European startups working on enterprise software products, just like we do),
– an ambitious road map to develop further some of their native tools aimed at managing multi-cloud architectures,
– other key values that we share (Scaleway claims their data centers are carbon neutral and were bare metal pioneers back then),
– value for money at market rate: neither low cost nor super premium.

On November 18th 2022, Scaleway held their weekly Selection Committee for Scaleway’s Startup Program.

Participating in this meeting were Scaleway’s former CEO Yann Lechelle, Scaleway’s President & Founder Arnaud de Bermingham, Scaleway’s former VP of Sales Sébastien TUIL, Scaleway’s CRO Liam Boogar-Azoulay, Scaleway’s Solution Architect Manager 🌤 Justin Briard and Scaleway’s VP Startup Pascal Condamine.

During this committee, BWI has been accepted into Scaleway’s Growth Stage Startup Program – even though we’re still early-stage.

We’re looking forward to getting the most of this startup program as we’ve already benefiting from significant financial support from Scaleway that helps us focus our resources on talents rather than on spending our cash on computational power.

Last, we would like to thank Mickaël Nechachby and Tristan de Bermingham for their kind processing of our application with our CTO Piotr Stępnicki and junior DevOps Thibault Plouviez.