BWI meets Bizbell!

We have finally had the chance to meet our Bizbell partners!

We have finally had the opportunity to meet our Bizbell friends in person! Bizbell is a Nepalese hydropower investor and operator, and they have had projects all over the world. Therefore, this association marks a unique point in our journey ahead. 

Who are Bizbell? 

Based in the beautiful country of Nepal, Bizbell operates as an autonomous power producer and strategic investment firm . With a substantial portfolio of 1k megawatts in renewable energy, Bizbell is committed to delivering returns on investments that make a positive impact on the world. As a company focused on sustainable investing, Bizbell actively pursues positive change for a better world. The company engages with local communities by initiating hydropower projects in remote parts of Nepal. Therefore, we at BWI are thrilled to associate with Bizbell. 

Exciting news to come in the near future, so stay tuned! 

Read more about BWI’s partnership with Bizbell here:

 Anil Khanal, Olivier Chazal and Jeremy Fain of BWI meet our Bizbell friends and partners, namely Sudarshan Pokharel, Krishna Bahadur Kumal, Diwakar Giri and all the team!