BWI at the NEA headquarters in Kathmandu

BWI is humbled to have the opportunity to interact with the managing director of the Nepal Electricity Authority, Mr. Kul Man Ghising.

Jeremy Fain, CEO of BWI, and Anil Khanal, hydrologist at BWI, are honored to have had the chance to meet the managing director of the Nepal Electricity Authority, Mr. Kul Man Ghising, at NEA headquarters in Kathmandu, Nepal. 

Mr. Kulman Ghising has had a major role in the reform of NEA during his initial years as the CEO. Following his lead, the organisation has transformed into a transparent, accountable and profitable administration, thereby setting an example in Asia.

Since then, Nepal’s energy authority has received numerous awards from its peers. Consequently, several other Asian countries have been following the template formed by Nepal, as it has set the standard high and became an epitome for best practices in electrical authority efficacy.

The main mission of NEA is to produce and propagate abundant, reliable, and cost-efficient electricity. NEA also suggests the Government of Nepal, the relevant plans/policies in the power sector. In addition, they organize educational programs aimed at developing workforce in the fields of generation, distribution, and other related sectors. Therefore, NEA has a significant role in the electricity sector of Nepal. 

Given the crucial role that NEA has played in shaping the electricity sector of Nepal, the interaction between BWI and Mr. Kul Man Ghising is indeed an honor. The accountable leadership and game-changing initiatives of Mr. Ghising have not only strengthened the place of NEA on a global scale, but have also contributed to the advancement of the energy sector in the country.