CGLE 2024: BWI in Brittany!

Rennes parc expo hosted the 2024 edition of Carrefour des Gestions Locales de L’Eau, featuring numerous water-based companies and insightful conferences!

The 25th anniversary of the Carrefour des Gestions Locales de l’Eau (CGLE) at the Parc des expositions de Rennes was an important event for water-based stakeholders. Over 14,000 attendees and 530 exhibitors gathered to talk about the latest innovations in the water sector. We are glad to say that BWI has stood out in the event for it’s innovative approach in the domain of river discharge! 

BWI gained significant spotlight as our Head of Programs, Olivier Chazal, presented at the Village de l’Innovation, on the subject of basin digitization. Since the presentation instilled curiosity in several participants, it resulted in various insightful discussions at our stand about our mission and services. Our team members at the stand, Product Owner Mohamad Hamze, Head of Programs Olivier Chazal, and Junior Marketing Manager Krish Polina, were ecstatic about the event’s outcome. 

In addition, the event was a great opportunity for networking. We had the chance to interact with a diverse audience of experts, local governments, and fellow innovative start-ups. Consequently, It opened up opportunities for collaboration, partnerships, and the exchange of thoughts, thereby contributing to the potential growth of BWI in the water sector.  

On this occassion, BWI would like to thank the organizers of CGLE and the pôles (AQUA-VALLEY, HYDREOS, Pôle DREAM Eau & Milieux) for the opportunity to participate in this prestigious event. A special mention to Pole Aqua-Valley for their support in making the event a great success. 

Finally, BWI looks forward to continuing to advance in basin digitization, and contributing to a sustainable future!