France-Bangladesh summit on Hydrology and Flood Forecasting

The summit which is being organised by BWI is aimed at bringing together representatives, specialists, service providers, and researchers from both countries.

After the visit of French President Emmanuel Macron to Bangladesh in September 2023 and his bilateral meeting with Bangladesh’s Prime Minister the honourable Sheikh Hasina, BWI is hosting a summit focused on Hydrology and Flood Forecasting between France and Bangladesh.

Scheduled to take place at the InterContinental Hotels & Resorts Dhaka on November 8th, the event is particularly significant in the context of Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh, which is highly vulnerable to the occurrence of flooding due to its essentially island-like geographic nature. The precision of river discharge and water level forecast data is crucial for feeding the government’s early warning systems and facilitating targeted evacuations to safeguard millions of lives during floods.

This summit marks the inaugural gathering of its kind between France and Bangladesh. The goal of this event is bring together government officials, scholars, experts, and innovative service providers from both nations. The focus will be on topics pertaining to hydrology, like continental freshwater quality surveillance, monitoring sediment transportation, and flood forecasting.

For those interested in attending, please get in touch with your BWI contact point. We would be glad to help you in obtaining the program details and secure your invitation for the upcoming week. The event is free of charge but subject to individual approval by organizers. Entrance will only be granted upon prior registration and email confirmation.

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