BWI exhibiting at Les Assises du NewSpace 2024

The 3rd edition of the Annual French Newspace meeting event is all set to host over 1200 participants and 70 Spacetech startups!

BWI is thrilled to announce it’s participation in the 3rd edition of Les Assises du NewSpace. This prestigious event, dedicated to the enhancing the NewSpace sector, is a crucial platform for shaping the future of the French space economy.

More about Les Assises du NewSpace


Over the past decade, NewSpace has revolutionized the space industry, introducing new applications and prompting established players to adapt their strategies. This evolution has created a wealth of opportunities, making space more accessible and fostering global competition.

The space sector has seen a remarkable transformation over the last ten years because of NewSpace, which has brought new applications and prompted established firms to evolve their strategies. Moreover, this progress has opened up a plethora of opportunities, promoting international competitiveness and increasing accessibility to space.

Les Assises du NewSpace, albeit only 2 seasons old, has already established itself as the flagship event in France when it comes to Newspace conferences. The 2024 season focuses on 4 main elements. They are: New private uses, Innovation in the space sector, Economics & Politics, and European perspective on Newspace. The event features various roundtables, workshops, networking slots, and presentations.

Furthermore, this two-day event is backed by a collective of 18 prominent players in the French space sector, which has published the first French report dedicated to NewSpace. 

Event details


When is the event? 

June 25, 2024 (9.00h-17.00h) and June 26, 2024 (9.00h-17.00h)

Where will the event take place?

CNIT Forest, La Defense, France. 

Where can you find BWI’s booth at the event?

Area: Le Village Spacetech 2024

Booth number: 32

Where can I register for the Les Assises du NewSpace 2024?

You can use this link to register for the event. 

Come meet our team members to learn more about what BWI does, the innovative technology we utilize, and explore together into how we revolutionize the manner we understand and manage our planet’s water resources! 

The 2024 edition of the flagship Newspace event is all set to take place at CNIT Forest in La Defense
BWI’s booth at the 2023 edition of the event