BWI: Transforming Climate Change Action through Inland Water Monitoring at SIAE 2023

Experience BWI’s space constellation project at Paris Air Show 2023 – witness our Hydrological Space Solutions at SIAE 2023

In a world grappling with the urgent challenge of climate change, BWI, a newspace startup founded in 2022, takes a bold stand on the frontlines. Dedicated to combating climate change, BWI strives to redefine water resource management through cutting-edge technology. As they prepare to showcase innovative solutions at SIAE 2023, their unwavering passion for environmental preservation shines through.

  • Passion Ignited: BWI’s existence revolves around a singular purpose: fighting climate change with determination. Our focus is to transform water monitoring, providing vital information to mitigate floods, droughts, and other water-related hazards. BWI firmly believes that enhanced inland water monitoring is essential for preserving ecosystems and safeguarding vulnerable communities.
  • Innovative Space Constellation Project: At the heart of BWI’s participation in SIAE 2023 lies a visionary space constellation project by LEGOS and CNES. This initiative empowers BWI to utilize advanced satellite nadir altimeters, signal retracking, and data analytics. The outcome is unparalleled technology for precise global daily measurements of water levels.
  • Empowering Data Analytics and Integration: BWI’s vision surpasses data acquisition. Through downstream software integrating models, forecasts, in-situ data, and machine learning, BWI unlocks the potential of collected data. Comprehensive analysis enables accurate prediction and mitigation of water-related disasters, empowering communities to prepare and respond effectively.
  • Global Impact, Local Solutions: BWI’s fervor for fighting climate change extends beyond borders. Monitoring water levels worldwide contributes to a holistic understanding of Earth’s water systems. This global perspective supports governments, organizations, and local communities, facilitating resilience-building and adaptation to climate change challenges.

BWI’s participation at SIAE 2023: We are impatient to meet all of you during this incredible exhibition. We invite you to visit our booth (Hall 4, Booth E136) at SIAE Le Bourget. The team will be there from Monday, June 19th to Sunday, June 25th 2023.

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