Unveiling Version 2.0

Version 2.0 of BWI’s portal features numerous useful features such as a dedicated geo-search bar, lakes, dams, and flow duration curves.

BWI is thrilled to unveil Version 2.0 of its River Discharge Forecast Portal! We’ve been working hard at enhancing your user experience and increasing the capabilities of our portal to provide you with insightful hydrological data. Let’s delve into the exciting new features that await you.

A Glimpse of Version 2.0

Discover Dams and Lakes:

One of the highlights of Version 2.0 is the inclusion of dams and lakes on our portal. Now, you can easily observe the location of dams and lakes, providing you with a comprehensive understanding of water resources in the region that interests you.

Discover lakes

Discover dams

Flow Duration Curves for Virtual Stations:

Do you need detailed insights into river flow patterns? Version 2.0 introduces flow duration curves for virtual stations, making use of 30 years of historical data. These curves provide invaluable insights into river flow behavior.

Flow Duration Curves

A dedicated Geographical Search Bar

BWI understands the importance of simplicity and efficiency when navigating our portal. With our enhanced geographical search bar, finding locations for creating your virtual stations is now easier than ever. Simply type the name of your desired location or enter GPS coordinates, and voila!

Geo-search bar

At BWI, we are committed to assisting individuals and organizations with making informed decisions regarding water resource management. Version 2.0 represents an important step in this direction.