Presenting Version 2.2 of BWI’s portal

Version 2.2 of BWI’s portal features a wide range of enhancements and added features.

BWI is excited to announce the release of version 2.2 of it’s hydrological forecasting portal. A wide variety of features and enhancements have been added in the latest update to increase the forecasting tools’ accuracy and usability.

Enhanced Basin Digitization

Version 2.2 introduces several notable enhancements to basin digitization, including:

  • Integration of New Physical Variables and Observations: We’ve integrated additional physical variables and their associated observations into our model, providing a more thorough and precise representation of the hydrological processes.
  • Improved Ground Water / Surface Water Interaction Model: The latest update introduces an improved ground water / surface water interaction model.
  • Enhanced Evapotranspiration Model Contribution: The evapotranspiration model has been improved to contribute more effectively to our overall hydrological forecasts.
  • New High-Resolution Weather Forecast Data Source: We have introduced a higher resolution weather forecast data source, significantly improving the reliability of our input data sources.

This upgrade is a significant breakthrough. Moreover, all previous models have been deprecated. Only models from our customers have been reintroduced, along with the Godavari model.

Water Level Forecasting

With the release of Version 2.2, BWI is pleased to introduce a Proof of Concept (PoC) for water level forecasting. Also, demonstration stations compatible with this feature will be shortly deployed.

Improved GUI 

We’ve made several enhancements to the graphical user interface (GUI) to improve user experience:

  • Improved Coverage Display: Better display of coverage at both higher and lower zoom levels.
  • Auto Centering on ROI: The map will now automatically center on the region of interest (ROI) upon login, providing a more focused view. 
  • Bug and Typo Fixes: Moreover, various bugs and typos have been addressed to ensure a better user experience.

Model Accuracy Improvement

We at BWI are committed to continually enhancing the accuracy of our models. Updated accuracy reports for currently deployed models will be provided shortly, reflecting the enhancements made in this latest version.

At BWI, we are dedicated to helping individuals and organizations in making informed decisions about water resource management. Hence, the release of version 2.2 reflects our commitment to this cause.

Here’s a link to the BWI portal if you are interested in our hydrological forecast services.