BWI at the 10th Rencontre de l’Hydroélectricité in Ville de Beaune

The annual event features the entire French hydroelectric production ecosystem with the goal of finding innovative solutions.

BWI is extremely glad, through it’s team members Olivier Chazal (head of programs) and Mohamad Hamze (product owner) to be present at the 10th Rencontre de l’Hydroélectricité in the beautiful Ville de Beaune! 

The event, featuring site visits, conferences and a professional forum, is organized by ADEME with the support of Puissance Hydro. Moreover, it is in association with the Burgundy-Franche-Comté Region, and brings together the entire French hydroelectric production ecosystem. This includes small hydro operators, large hydro players, industrial value chain suppliers, construction and civil engineering companies. In addition, hydraulic engineering and design firms, operating service operators, balance managers, investors, bankers, and regulators take part too. 

About ADEME (the French Agency for Ecological Transition):

It’s mission is to expedite the shift towards a society that is more compassionate, fosters employment, and promotes support. It has been passionately involved in the fight against global warming and climate change for the past three decades. Moreover, it works in synergy with stakeholders, politicians and citizens. Consequently, it assists them by giving the means and guidance required to ensure ecological transition. 

More about the Rencontre de l’hydroélectricité: ADEME has been organising this event for over a decade. This is to aid leaders and operators to find innovative solutions to set up their project, thanks to the interventions of local or national organizations and feedback. This yearly gathering offers feedback from project leaders and operators in the form of plenary sessions, workshops, or even visits at times! 

10th Rencontre de l'Hydroélectricité