BWI at the India-France Space and Geospatial Business Summit

BWI had the privilege to attend interesting debates on satellite data sharing policies at the Indian embassy in Paris

BWI has had the privilege of participating in the India-France Space and Geospatial Business Summit. The prestigious event took place yesterday at the Indian Embassy in Paris. The summit’s purpose was to promote collaboration between the organisations of the two nations in the domain of geospatial technologies. 

Our product owner, Mohamad Hamze, listened intently to some fascinating conversations on satellite data sharing regulations in the field of Earth observation. Among the many prominent speakers who took part in the debates were:

Some notes from the speeches given at the India-France summit

From Indian speakers:

  • Akash Yalagach, CTO of KaleidEO, a company dedicated to providing easy access to Earth Observation data and insights. The company is focused on enhancing the value of information generated per bit on satellites
  • Rupesh Kumar, Co-Founder & CTO of Suhora: Suhora provides satellite data affordably and has a network of partners in Earth Observation. It was publicised that Suhora’s agri-solutions platform and solar analytics would have a significant influence on the agricultural industries.
  • Vinay S., CEO at, a company focused on monitoring earth insights and infrastructure using numerous stacks of EO data.                                                                                                                                               

And from French speakers:

  • Linda Tomasini of Centre National d’Études Spatiales, who discussed India-France cooperation in the space industry via science and innovation, highlighted the Indian-French mission Trishna; It provides thermal infrared imagery with a high revisit rate. Linda underscored the significance of open-source data for agriculture and ecosystem stress monitoring.
  • Nicolas Paparoditis – Director, IGN – French Mapping Agency (Institut Géographique National), shared insights on geospatial information, yearly land use and cover mapping using a combination of aerial and space imagery. He invited startups to leverage this database as a solid foundation for AI applications in change detection and the creation of space reference point databases.                 
  • Pacome Revillon, CEO Euroconsult, delivered an overview of the global space markets. The focus was on France and highlighting the expanding space economy in the continent.

We had a great time networking too, and are excited about the prospect of interacting further with the Indian and French counterparts we have made acquaintance with as part of our current project on digitizing river basins in the Indian subcontinent.