The France-Bangladesh summit attracts media spotlight!

BWI is humbled by the amount of media attention on the recent France-Bangladesh summit

Last week’s very first France -Bangladesh Summit on Hydrology and Flood Forecasting has attracted some amazing prime television coverage that we’re going to share with you here this week! 

We are thrilled to let you know that several articles from renowned journals have featured the summit. This further highlights its outreaching impact and the significance of cross-cultural collaboration in dealing with water-related challenges. The positive response from the media, in addition to the enthusiastic participation of attendees, has made the summit a grand success. 

BWI is deeply humbled by the amount of encourage and spotlight received. On this occassion, we would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to all the media outlets for their comprehensive coverage and participants that played a vital role in this event becoming a grand success.

This outcome demonstrates Bangladesh’s and France’s joint dedication to improving flood forecasting and hydrological techniques. The shared initiatives on display during the conference highlight how crucial international cooperation is to resolving water-related issues.

BWI is committed to promoting the ongoing discussion and cooperation in the subject of hydrology as we go forward. We would like once again thank everyone who helped make the France-Bangladesh Summit on Hydrology and Flood Forecasting a success, including the participants and the media. Together, we are advancing our world toward a more robust and sustainable future!

You can find some of the media coverage of the summit below! 

Article on Dailymessenger:

Feature on Maasranga Television:

Ekkator TV coverage: