BWI at Res’Eau: Connecting Hydrology Operators for a Sustainable Water Future

BWI is happy to be participating to the event organized by Aqua-Valley on Friday, June 30th 2023, an event named Rés’Eau.

We’re excited to announce that BWI will be participating in the upcoming Rés’Eau event organized by Aqua-Valley. This event brings together stakeholders from the hydrology industry for a fruitful exchange of ideas, insights, and collaborations..

  • At Rés’Eau, our Head of Programs, Olivier Chazal, will have the opportunity to present BWI’s cutting-edge solutions and initiatives. During the event, we will be showcasing how our cyberinfrastructure streamlines access to various water data sources, including Earth observation spatial programs, weather radars, weather stations, and in-situ sensors. Additionally, we will highlight the power of deep learning in reinforcing hydraulic and hydrological models for accurate water hazard forecasts. Learn more.

  • BWI believes in the importance of collaboration and knowledge sharing to address water-related challenges effectively. Rés’Eau provides an ideal platform for key players in the hydrology industry to come together, exchange insights, and explore partnerships. We are thrilled to engage with researchers, practitioners, government agencies, and industry representatives who are passionate about sustainable water management.

Aqua-Valley’s event will take place on Friday, June 30th 2023 in Auzeville at l’École Nationale Supérieure Agronomique de Toulouse (INP-ENSAT), Av. de l’Agrobiopole, 31326 Auzeville-Tolosane. For more information and to register to the event, click here. Huge thanks to Aqua-Valley for this amazing opportunity.

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