16 July 2023

Constellation of altimetric nanosatellites dedicated to continental surface water 

The concept of SMASH shows that a constellation of 10 nano-satellites with nadir altimeters on a single sun-synchronous orbit can provide a daily measure of water levels at rivers wider than 50 m and lakes larger than 100 m x 100 m. Blue Water Intelligence (BWI) plans to launch a minimum viable product of 2 satellites to validate assumptions, followed by a constellation of 10 nanosatellites – all following the SMASH concept to the letter.

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3 July 2023

Capgemini’s Space for Sustainability Conference

Capgemini’s Space for Sustainability Conference happened just a few weeks ago during the International Paris Air Show of June 2023. BWI’s CEO, Jeremy Fain, was invited as a panelist.

#climatechange #EarthObservation #hydrology #newspace #smallsat #space #water

6 May 2023

Replay of the space hydrology webinar

7 experts in space hydrology, from several continents and research institutes, discussed the benefits of a constellation of small altimetry satellites dedicated to updating continental surface water levels on a daily basis.

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30 March 2023

Register now for water level constellation round table on April 24, 2023

SMASH mission as envisioned by LEGOS, a research lab, and designed by CNES (phase A completed) shows that a constellation of 10 nanosatellites with nadir altimeter may provide daily water level measurements of lakes and rivers around the world.

BWI aims at launching and operating this constellation and has brought together a panel of renowned scientists from around the world to discuss the prospects of a SMASH-style space constellation towards continental freshwater monitoring, climate resilience, and transboundary cooperation. Click on the image below to access the registration page and book your seat (free).

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11 October 2022

BWI visits Hemeria

Last week, some of the Bluers had the immense pleasure to enjoy a visit of the Toulouse facilities of BWI reference shareholder Hemeria.

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