Introducing Meryem Abid

Welcome to our newest bluer – Meryem Abid, a data science major from Ecole Centrale Casablanca.

BWI is excited to introduce Meryem Abid, a talented final year student from Ecole Centrale Casablanca, who has joined us as a junior software engineer. Coming from Morocco, Meryem has a comprehensive background in data science and machine learning. She’s also very passionate about addressing climate change related issues, and water challenges. 

At Ecole Centrale Casablanca, Meryem is specializing in data science. Her studies have an emphasis on analyzing complex datasets and developing machine learning models. 

At BWI, Meryem’s main focus is on machine learning models to predict and forecast river discharge. At BWI, we are passionate about addressing global water challenges, and Meryem embodies this wholeheartedly.  

As Meryem Abid embarks begins her journey with BWI, we are excited to witness her continued growth and contributions to our mission of contributing to water management.

Interview of Meryem