Introducing Mouad Khaznaoui

Welcome to our newest bluer – Mouad Khaznaoui, a data science major from Ecole Centrale Casablanca. Read more here!

BWI is proud to welcome Mouad Khaznaoui to it’s team. With a background in applied mathematics and data science, Mouad brings an invaluable skillset to our efforts in addressing water management challenges. 

At just 22, Mouad Khaznaoui is in the final year of his studies at Ecole Centrale Casablanca, specializing in data science and digitization. As a junior software engineer at BWI, his focus is on modeling river discharge to predict water levels and vice versa, which is a crucial addition to our services. 

Mouad chose BWI because of it’s multidisciplinary approach to water and climate change issues. His motivation is to utilize advanced methodologies in machine learning, deep learning, and statistics to solve water related issues.  

Mouad’s journey from Morocco to BWI shows his commitment to addressing the global water crisis! 

Interview of Mouad