Unveiling Version 2.1 of BWI’s portal

With Version 2.1 of BWI’s portal, you can now download discharge data, request virtual stations anywhere…and a lot more!

BWI is thrilled to unveil Version 2.1 of its River Discharge Forecast Portal! The bluers have been working passionately to enhance your user experience and upgrading the capabilities of our portal to provide you with insightful hydrological data. Without further ado, let’s dive into what awaits you in Version 2.1 of BWI’s portal! 

Download Discharge data:

One of the highlights of Version 2.1 is that you can download discharge data for any of your virtual stations. Moreover, you can either enter a custom time interval or use preset options (such as 10-days or a week). 

Download discharge data

Request virtual stations anywhere:

You can now request virtual stations anywhere, even if it is outside the current coverage of the BWI portal. The process is very simple as explained in the below video. The team would contact you shortly regarding the availability of data once you send us your request. 

Request virtual stations anywhere

Comparative discharge data:

Would you like to compare discharges at multiple locations? Version 2.1 makes life much easier for you in this regard! You can now compare discharge data at multiple virtual stations, giving you detailed insights into river flow patterns, thereby aiding you in making better hydrological decisions. 

Comparative discharge data

Godavari basin coverage:

BWI services has now extended their coverage to the Godavari, one of the largest river basins of India. The basin faces several water management issues, related to agriculture and food. Therefore, BWI aims to address these issues by extending its discharge forecasts, leading to better water usage practices. Read more about our ESA-BASS funded Data4Water project here

Godavari basin coverage

At BWI, we are passionate about helping individuals and organizations with making informed decisions regarding water resource management. Version 2.1 of BWI’s portal represents a major step forward in this direction.